HTTP Status Codes

Hey folks! Let’s chat about HTTP status codes. These are like the high-fives or head shakes from websites when we ask them to do stuff. I’ll keep it simple and fun as we explore what these codes mean and why they’re key for anyone tinkering with websites or APIs. Ready to become a web whisperer? Let’s roll! 🌐👍👎

1xx Informational

2xx Success

3xx Redirection

4xx Client Error

5xx Server Error

HTTP Status Codes Cheatsheet

Code Name Description
1xxx Informational
100 Continue Request received, please continue
101 Switching Protocols Switching to new protocol
102 Processing (WebDAV) WebDAV request is processing
2xxx Succesful
200 OK The request has succeeded
201 Created Request has been fulfilled, new resource created
202 Accepted Request accepted, processing not complete
203 Non-Authoritative Information Information not from original server
204 No Content Request processed, no content to return
205 Reset Content Request processed, reset document view
206 Partial Content Partial HTTP request fulfilled
207 Multi-Status (WebDAV) Multiple status codes for WebDAV
208 Already Reported (WebDAV) DAV binding members enumerated
226 IM Used Delta encoding in HTTP
3xxx Redirection
300 Multiple Choices Multiple options for the resource
301 Moved Permanently Redirect to new URI
302 Found Temporarily moved to another URI
303 See Other Response under another URI
304 Not Modified Resource not modified since last request
305 Use Proxy Must be accessed through proxy
306 (Unused) No longer used
307 Temporary Redirect Temporary redirection of request
308 Permanent Redirect (Experimental) Repeat using another URI
4xxx Client Error
400 Bad Request Server cannot process request
401 Unauthorized Authentication required
402 Payment Required Reserved for future use
403 Forbidden Server refuses to respond
404 Not Found Resource could not be found
405 Method Not Allowed Method not supported by resource
406 Not Acceptable Resource not available in acceptable format
407 Proxy Authentication Required Must authenticate with proxy
408 Request Timeout Server timed out waiting for request
409 Conflict Request could not be completed due to conflict
410 Gone Resource no longer available
411 Length Required Length of content not specified
412 Precondition Failed Server preconditions not met
413 Request Entity Too Large Request too large to process
414 Request-URI Too Long URI too long for server to process
415 Unsupported Media Type Media type not supported
416 Requested Range Not Satisfiable Requested range not fulfillable
417 Expectation Failed Server cannot meet Expect request-header field
418 I’m a Teapot (RFC 2324) Teapot cannot brew coffee
420 Enhance Your Calm (Twitter) Rate limiting (Twitter)
422 Unprocessable Entity (WebDAV) Request well-formed but semantically erroneous
423 Locked (WebDAV) Resource being accessed is locked
424 Failed Dependency (WebDAV) Failure of previous request
425 Reserved for WebDAV Reserved for “WebDAV Advanced Collections Protocol”
426 Upgrade Required Client should switch protocols
428 Precondition Required Origin server requires conditional request
429 Too Many Requests User sent too many requests in given time
431 Request Header Fields Too Large Header fields too large to process
444 No Response (Nginx) No information from server (Nginx)
449 Retry With (Microsoft) Request should be retried (Microsoft)
450 Blocked by Windows Parental Controls (Microsoft) Blocked by parental controls (Microsoft)
451 Unavailable For Legal Reasons Resource unavailable for legal reasons
499 Client Closed Request (Nginx) Connection closed by client while server processing
5xxx Server Error
500 Internal Server Error Generic error message when server fails
501 Not Implemented Server does not recognize method or lacks ability to fulfill
502 Bad Gateway Invalid response from upstream server
503 Service Unavailable Server unable to handle request due to temporary overloading or maintenance
504 Gateway Timeout Gateway or proxy server timed out
505 HTTP Version Not Supported Server does not support the HTTP protocol version used in the request
506 Variant Also Negotiates (Experimental) Transparent content negotiation for the request leads to a circular reference
507 Insufficient Storage (WebDAV) Server unable to store the representation needed to complete the request
508 Loop Detected (WebDAV) Infinite loop detected in request processing (WebDAV)
509 Bandwidth Limit Exceeded (Apache) Bandwidth limit exceeded (Apache servers)
510 Not Extended Further extensions to the request are required for the server to fulfill it
511 Network Authentication Required Client needs to authenticate to gain network access