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Hi, I’m Orhan 👋

I build teams, create products, and solve problems, usually with a computer. I started a Technology Consulting in the USA and have spent the last 23 years growing different businesses and leading tech projects in various roles.

I also find joy in mentoring, sharing my journey to help developers advance into roles such as Software Engineers, Team Leaders, Tech Leads, Engineering Managers and CTOs.

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Orhan Doğan, CTO

Let's Succeed Together - Why You'll Love Working with Me

As an entrepreneur, you're racing against time, constantly. The market's abundance of capital, the availability of talent, and the accessibility of knowledge - these are all within reach. But time? Once gone, it's gone forever. The impact of misplaced decisions - be it in software design, team composition, or strategy - can be more than just a hiccup. It can derail your journey, turning years of effort into jeopardy.

That's where I come in. Large corporations have their array of consultants, but startups and growing businesses often tread these paths solo. My mission is to be your ally in this journey. I provide specialized consulting for SMEs, focusing on honing your direction and securing a lasting competitive edge. Together, we'll ensure every minute counts, guiding your venture not just towards growth, but towards thriving.


Comprehensive Tech Consultancy

Fractional CTO

Looking for a fractional or interim CTO? I am ready to quickly step in and effectively manage your technology department.


From artificial intelligence to digital strategy and recruitment – insights provided by an experienced digital native in the field of digital transformation.


Accelerating your startup. From concept to expansion, leveraging my vast expertise and network for rapid market entry.


Solving complex engineering challenges and rapidly developing prototypes with a team of experts, ready to tackle any task.


Delivering detailed tech audits and software assessments during M&A or strategic decisions to enhance team performance and guide legacy migrations.

Board Member

Bringing digital expertise to company boards; available for director, advisory roles, and fundraising facilitation, experienced in Swiss corporate governance.