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Hi, I’m Orhan 👋

I build teams, create products, and solve problems, usually with a computer. I started a Technology Consulting in the USA and have spent the last 23 years growing different businesses and leading tech projects in various roles.

I also find joy in mentoring, sharing my journey to help developers advance into roles such as Software Engineers, Team Leaders, Tech Leads, Engineering Managers and CTOs.

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Orhan Doğan, CTO

Let's Succeed Together - Why You'll Love Working with Me

As an entrepreneur, you're racing against time, constantly. The market's abundance of capital, the availability of talent, and the accessibility of knowledge - these are all within reach. But time? Once gone, it's gone forever. The impact of misplaced decisions - be it in software design, team composition, or strategy - can be more than just a hiccup. It can derail your journey, turning years of effort into jeopardy.

That's where I come in. Large corporations have their array of consultants, but startups and growing businesses often tread these paths solo. My mission is to be your ally in this journey. I provide specialized consulting for SMEs, focusing on honing your direction and securing a lasting competitive edge. Together, we'll ensure every minute counts, guiding your venture not just towards growth, but towards thriving.


Comprehensive Tech Consultancy

Fractional CTO

Looking for a fractional or interim CTO? I am ready to quickly step in and effectively manage your technology department.


From artificial intelligence to digital strategy and recruitment – insights provided by an experienced digital native in the field of digital transformation.


Accelerating your startup. From concept to expansion, leveraging my vast expertise and network for rapid market entry.


Solving complex engineering challenges and rapidly developing prototypes with a team of experts, ready to tackle any task.


Delivering detailed tech audits and software assessments during M&A or strategic decisions to enhance team performance and guide legacy migrations.

Board Member

Bringing digital expertise to company boards; available for director, advisory roles, and fundraising facilitation, experienced in Swiss corporate governance.

Subsections of Fractional CTO | Accelerating Startups and SMEs :: Orhan Doğan

Free Weekly


Join my weekly newsletter for the latest in tech! You'll get neat coding tricks, trend updates, career advice, SaaS reviews, crypto, bitcoin, and financial tips. All straight to your inbox, designed to keep you ahead.

Services & Prices

Software startup CTOs usually earn between $200,000 and $500,000 a year. With my part-time services, you can get the benefits of my skills without big upfront costs or a long-term deal.

I offer a variety of packages designed to suit everyone, from individual clients and startups to established businesses. Each package provides clear and flexible options in terms of services, pricing, and commitment levels.


Fractional CTO Package

My Fractional CTO Service is tailored for businesses in need of comprehensive, ongoing tech leadership, similar to having a dedicated CTO on board. This service adapts to various levels of engagement and commitment, customized to meet the unique stages and requirements of different businesses.

Package Best For Depth of Involvement Pricing Renewal Cycle Action
Bronze Startups/small businesses needing targeted strategy and guidance. Regular strategic sessions, advising on best practices. $5,950/month for 5 hours/week. Monthly, with flexibility to pause or cancel. Enquire Now
Silver Growing businesses requiring comprehensive tech leadership. Direct involvement in team leadership, product development strategies. $9,450/month for 10 hours/week. 3-month minimum, with renewal options. Enquire Now
Gold Businesses in growth phases needing high-degree technical leadership. Full-scale CTO responsibilities, hands-on engineering as needed. $16,950/month for 20 hours/week. 3-month minimum, with renewal options. Enquire Now

Tech Consultancy and Advisory Package

My Tech Consultancy and Advisory Service offers specialized guidance and solutions for particular projects or challenges. This option is ideal for businesses looking for focused, project-based advice without the ongoing commitment of a full-time CTO.

Package Best For Depth of Involvement Pricing Renewal Cycle Action
Basic Consultancy Specific, short-term technical challenges. Focused problem-solving for specific issues. $2,450 for 10-hour package. One-time, project-based. Enquire Now
Extended Consultancy Ongoing advisory for larger or long-term projects. Continuous support, regular consultation for tech alignment. $9,450/month for 10 hours/week. Flexible, typically monthly renewals. Enquire Now

Career and Mentorship Package

My Career and Mentorship Package caters to a diverse range of needs: Hourly Coaching is tailored for individuals seeking specific guidance in technology and leadership, while the Monthly Mentorship is ideal for those aiming for sustained professional growth through consistent, in-depth coaching and resources.

Package Best For Depth of Involvement Pricing Renewal Cycle Action
Hourly Coaching Targeted coaching or mentoring needs. Personalized one-on-one sessions in technology and leadership. $375 per hour. As needed. Enquire Now

Fractional CTO

Orhan Doğan, Fractional CTO

If your business doesn’t have a Chief Technology Officer (CTO) or if hiring one full-time is too expensive, I can step in quickly to help out. We can work together to build the basics of your technology setup and applications. I’ll also help set up important processes and workflows. Plus, I can assist in putting together a skilled team to make your business strong and independent.

Recruiting and Hiring

Hiring a tech team can be really tough in today’s job market. You might be wondering whether to hire people to work right in your office, or maybe from other countries nearby or far away. Should you use a hiring agency, or get someone on your team to do the hiring? And how do you compete with big companies that pay really high salaries?

I can help you figure all this out. I have a lot of experience in finding, evaluating, and hiring tech teams. I know how to spot the best tech people without spending too much money on hiring. I’ve come up with a special way to check if tech workers have the right skills, so you don’t end up hiring the wrong person, which can be costly.

Here’s more about what I do:

  1. Understanding Your Needs: First, I’ll get to know your company – what you do, what kind of tech work you need, and what your future plans are. This helps in finding the right people who not only have the tech skills but also fit well with your company culture.

  2. Choosing the Right Hiring Strategy: There are different ways to hire – like having people work in your office (on-site), hiring from other countries (offshore), or hiring from nearby countries (nearshore). I’ll help you decide which method is best for you, considering factors like cost, time differences, and communication.

  3. Avoiding Overpaying: Big tech companies often offer very high salaries. I’ll guide you on how to make your company attractive to potential hires without having to match these high salaries. This could be through offering a great work environment, flexible hours, or opportunities for growth and learning.

  4. Using My Hiring Framework: I have a special framework to check if someone is good enough for your tech team. This involves looking at their past work, how they solve problems, and how well they can work with others. This way, you’ll hire people who are not only skilled but also a good match for your company.

  5. Training Your Team to Hire: If you want, I can also train your team on how to hire the best tech talent. This way, even after my job is done, your team will keep bringing in great people.

  6. Follow-Up and Support: After hiring, I’ll stay in touch to make sure everything is going smoothly and to help with any new challenges that come up.

I’ll help you build a strong tech team that fits your budget and company culture, making sure you get great value for each hire.

Looking for a Fractional CTO? Discover how I, Orhan Dogan, can help your business. Check out my services page ☞

Technical and Digital Strategy

I help businesses tackle big challenges in our fast-changing world. Questions like, how do you attract young people as customers? How can your business have a good impact on the world and still keep up with new technology? And how do you adapt to changes and new ideas? Big companies have learned that technology is super important – it’s not just an add-on, but a key part of how they work. I use my experience to make your business plans stronger and ready for the future.

Here’s more about what this service involves:

  1. Understanding the Next Generation: Young people are the future customers. I’ll help you figure out what they like, what they care about, and how they use technology. This helps in creating products or services that they will really want to use.

  2. Setting a Sustainable Purpose: It’s important for your business to do good in the world. I’ll guide you in making a plan that’s not only good for the planet and society but also uses the latest technology. This way, your business does well by doing good.

  3. Embracing Change and Innovation: The world is always changing, especially with technology. I’ll show you how to be open to new ideas and how to change your business in a way that keeps you ahead.

  4. Integrating Technology in Your Strategy: Technology should be a big part of your business plan. I’ll work with you to make sure technology is at the heart of everything you do. This could mean using new software, automating some of your work, or finding new, tech-savvy ways to reach your customers.

  5. Customized Advice for Your Business: Every business is different. I’ll give you advice that’s specially tailored for your business, depending on what you do, who your customers are, and what your goals are.

  6. Long-Term Planning: The world will keep changing, and technology will keep evolving. I’ll help you make a plan that’s not just for today but for the future too, so your business stays strong no matter what comes next.

I’ll help you make a plan that uses technology in smart ways to attract young customers, be good for the world, and be ready for the future. This means your business won’t just survive, but thrive in the years to come.

Ready to transform your business with expert tech leadership? Learn how I, Orhan Dogan, can drive your success as your Fractional CTO. Visit my services page now ☞

Technology Research

Picking the right technology for your business is a big deal. New tech might look good on paper, but sometimes it’s not stable, hard to set up, or it can bring problems you didn’t expect. That’s where I come in. I’ll take a good look at the tech upgrades you’re considering. I’ll talk with experts, chat with engineers, and really get into the nitty-gritty of what your product needs. It’s important to think about the future of this technology – will it keep getting support? Is there a strong community behind it? These things matter a lot because if a technology falls out of use, it can leave you with old, unsupported tech. My job is to make sure that doesn’t happen to your business.

Here’s what I focus on:

  1. Understanding New Tech: I dive deep into the new technologies you’re looking at. I’ll figure out if they’re stable, how they’ll fit into what you’re already doing, and what kinds of risks they might bring.

  2. Getting Expert Opinions: I don’t just rely on what I know. I reach out to experts in the field – engineers and developers who really understand these technologies. This way, we get a full picture.

  3. Focusing on Your Product: Every product is unique. I’ll look at what your specific product needs and see how the new technology can meet those needs.

  4. Thinking Ahead: I don’t just look at the here and now. I think about how the technology will evolve. Will it continue to be supported? Will there be a community of users? We don’t want to pick something that might not last.

  5. Avoiding Outdated Tech: Using technology that gets abandoned can be a headache. It becomes what’s known as ’legacy technology’, and it’s tough to keep using or move away from it. I help you steer clear of this trap.

  6. Making Smart Choices: With all this research, we can make informed decisions. We’ll choose technology that’s not just good for today, but will be valuable and supported well into the future.

My role is to do thorough research to help your company choose the right technology. This way, you can be confident that the tech you use will be beneficial and supported for the long haul.

Elevate your business with expert tech leadership. Explore my Fractional CTO services ☞

Project Management

Handling your projects is something I’m really good at, especially when there’s a lot of money involved (like in projects with budgets over a million dollars). I use tried-and-true methods, whether they’re the standard way or more flexible, modern approaches. Good, clear talking with everyone, having a plan that’s easy to understand and see through, and always having a backup plan are super important. I always focus on keeping things on schedule without going over budget.

Here’s what you can expect:

  1. Choosing the Right Approach: Some projects work best with traditional methods, while others need a more flexible approach. I’ll figure out what’s best for your project.

  2. Clear Communication: I make sure everyone knows what’s going on. This means regular updates and making sure everyone’s on the same page.

  3. Solid and Transparent Planning: I’ll create a roadmap for your project that’s easy to follow. You’ll always know what’s happening and what’s coming next.

  4. Always Having a Plan B: Things don’t always go as planned. That’s why I always have a backup plan, just in case.

  5. Realistic Time Management: Keeping the project on time is a big deal. I plan carefully to make sure we meet our deadlines.

  6. Tight Control on Costs: Staying within budget is super important. I keep a close eye on spending to make sure we don’t go over.

  7. Adapting to Changes: If things change along the way, I’m ready to adjust our plans to stay on track.

  8. Quality Results: In the end, it’s all about delivering great results that meet your needs and goals.

I take care of all the details in managing your project, from start to finish. You can relax knowing that your project is in good hands, on time, and within budget.

Explore how Orhan Dogan can guide your tech strategy as your Fractional CTO. Visit my services page ☞

Innovations Engineering

I can help you create a special part of your company just for new ideas and innovations. Think of it like setting up a mini-company inside your bigger company, focusing on fresh, game-changing ideas. I’m all about technology, entrepreneurship, and thinking in new, creative ways. My main goal is to develop real, practical innovations that can actually succeed in the market. I also think about the big picture – where your company is heading in the long run and how these new ideas fit into that journey. And remember, having a great idea is just the start – making it real is what really counts. That’s why I’m here to help turn these innovative ideas into real products you can sell or use.

Here’s a breakdown of what I do:

  1. Setting Up Your Innovation Hub: I’ll help set up a space within your company that’s all about coming up with and growing new ideas – like a startup within your company.

  2. Focusing on Realistic Ideas: It’s all about ideas that can actually work in the real world. I’ll help you figure out what’s practical and what can really make a difference in the market.

  3. Long-Term Vision: I’ll help you think about where your company is going in the future and how these new ideas can help you get there.

  4. Creative and Out-of-the-Box Thinking: I love thinking in new and creative ways. I’ll bring this approach to your company, helping to spark ideas that are really different and exciting.

  5. Turning Ideas into Products: It’s not just about having good ideas – it’s about making them happen. I’ll be there to help turn these ideas into actual products or services that you can sell.

  6. Guiding Through the Innovation Process: From the first idea to the final product, I’ll guide you through every step, making sure things go smoothly and efficiently.

  7. Matching Innovations with Market Needs: I’ll make sure that the innovations we work on are not just cool but also something that customers will want and need.

I’m here to help your company come up with new, exciting ideas and make sure they’re not just dreams – but things that can actually happen and help your company grow.

Discover the benefits of expert tech leadership. Orhan Dogan can be your Fractional CTO. Visit my services page ☞

Workflow and Process Setup

Setting up the right way to work and handle tasks in your company is super important, but it’s not one-size-fits-all. Some companies don’t need complex systems like SCRUM, and not all software works best with a single big codebase (monorepo). I’ve worked with lots of different engineering teams and products, so I know a lot about finding what works best for each unique situation. I’m here to help you figure out the best ways to work, not just in engineering, but also in other parts of your company like operations, marketing, sales, and more. This also includes getting the right IT support and infrastructure in place.

Here’s more about what I offer:

  1. Customized Workflow Solutions: Every company is different, so I’ll find the workflow methods that fit your team’s needs and goals. This means looking at how your team works and finding the most efficient way to handle projects and tasks.

  2. Beyond Just Engineering: While my expertise includes engineering workflows, I also focus on other departments. This could be operations, where we make sure everything runs smoothly, or marketing and sales, where we set up processes to sell your product effectively.

  3. Setting Up IT Infrastructure: The right IT setup is key to making these workflows work well. I’ll help you get the technology and tools your team needs to do their jobs well.

  4. Flexible Approach: Not every team needs the same level of complexity. I’ll make sure the solutions are not too complicated or too simple, but just right for what you need.

  5. Guidance and Implementation: I won’t just give you a plan and leave. I’ll be there to help put it into action, making sure everything is set up properly and your team knows how to use it.

  6. Long-Term Support: After everything’s set up, I’ll still be around to offer help and make adjustments as your company grows and changes.

  7. Efficiency and Productivity: The main goal is to make your team more efficient and productive. With the right workflows and processes, your team can do their best work without unnecessary stress or confusion.

My job is to help you find and set up the best ways for your team to work together. This means smoother projects, happier teams, and better results for your company.

Explore how Orhan Dogan can guide your tech strategy as your Fractional CTO. Visit my services page ☞

Infrastructure and Architecture

I specialize in creating a strong foundation for your products by designing a solid architecture. This means I make sure the underlying structure of your software is well-built and strong. Also, I ensure that your IT infrastructure – the technology and systems you use – can grow along with your business. I know a lot about cost-effective and reliable vendors and tools, and I can pick the best ones for what you need. I’m also skilled in change management, which means I can guide your company through the process of adopting these new technologies. Working closely with your engineering team, I’ll help set up the core parts of your software and decide on the best standards and practices to use.

Here’s a detailed look at what I offer:

  1. Designing a Solid Software Architecture: I’ll plan out a strong and effective structure for your software. This means making sure it’s built in a way that’s smart, efficient, and can handle growth and change.

  2. Scalable IT Infrastructure: As your business grows, your technology needs to grow too. I’ll make sure your IT setup can expand and evolve as needed.

  3. Choosing the Right Tools and Vendors: There are lots of options out there for technology tools and services. I’ll find the ones that are cost-effective, reliable, and perfect for your specific needs.

  4. Guiding Through Change: Introducing new technology can be challenging. I’ll help your team through the process, making sure everyone understands and is on board with the changes.

  5. Working With Your Engineering Team: I won’t be working alone – I’ll collaborate with your engineers. Together, we’ll set up the basic building blocks of your software and decide how things should be done.

  6. Setting Standards and Best Practices: It’s important to have standards so that everyone’s working in the best way possible. I’ll help establish these guidelines to ensure quality and consistency in your software.

  7. Long-Term Planning: Good architecture and infrastructure aren’t just about today. They’re about setting you up for success in the future. I’ll make sure what we do now will serve you well as your company continues to grow.

I’m here to build a strong technological foundation for your company. This means better software, a more effective IT setup, and a smoother path to growth and success.

Ready to transform your business with expert tech leadership? Learn how I, Orhan Dogan, can drive your success as your Fractional CTO. Visit my services page now ☞

Vendor Evaluation and Procurement

When you have a small or medium-sized business, figuring out which IT vendors to use can be tough. There are so many choices, and a lot of them seem pretty similar. Plus, their prices aren’t always clear. I use a special method to check out what you really need and then look closely at different vendors and what they offer. I’ll do a deep dive to make sure you understand everything about these vendors, like what it means if you get too dependent on one (that’s called vendor lock-in) and making sure there aren’t any surprises when you start using their products.

Here’s what I focus on:

  1. Understanding Your Needs: First, I’ll get to know exactly what your business needs from an IT perspective. This helps in finding the right vendor that matches your requirements.

  2. Researching and Assessing Vendors: There are loads of IT vendors out there. I’ll look into a bunch of them to find out what they offer, how much they cost, and how their products or services could fit with what you need.

  3. Using a Professional Evaluation Method: I don’t just guess. I use a professional way of evaluating vendors. This means looking at their strengths and weaknesses in a systematic way to make a good choice.

  4. Clear Information About Costs and Contracts: I make sure you know exactly what you’re getting into. This includes understanding the pricing and what happens if you decide later on that you want to change vendors.

  5. Avoiding Vendor Lock-In: Getting too tied to one vendor can be risky. I’ll help you understand these risks and make choices that keep you flexible.

  6. Smooth Technical Implementation: Once we choose a vendor, I’ll make sure that their products or services work well with your existing setup, so everything runs smoothly.

  7. Making Informed Decisions: With all this information, you can make a smart decision about which vendor to go with. I’ll guide you through the entire process, from start to finish.

I help you choose the right IT vendors for your business, making sure you understand all the details and avoid any problems down the line. This way, you can focus on running your business, knowing your IT needs are in good hands.

Looking for a Fractional CTO? Discover how I, Orhan Dogan, can help your business. Check out my services page ☞

Technical Roadmap

Having a long list of things to do (like enough for a hundred sprints) and lots of people asking for their needs to be met first can be really overwhelming. Also, sometimes important updates and improvements (like refactoring) get ignored, which can cause problems later. I’m here to help you manage your technical roadmap – this is like a plan for all the tech stuff you need to do. I’ll set up a way to handle this plan and make sure everyone who’s involved knows what’s going on. We’ll also make sure your engineering team understands and agrees with these plans, so everyone’s working towards the same goals.

Here’s more on what I do:

  1. Organizing Your Tech To-Do List: I’ll help you sort through everything that needs to be done, prioritize it, and make a clear plan.

  2. Dealing with Different Needs: Lots of people might want different things from your tech team. I’ll help you figure out a fair way to decide what gets done first.

  3. Not Forgetting the Important Stuff: Sometimes, the big changes that aren’t urgent but are really important get overlooked. I’ll make sure we keep an eye on those, like updating old parts of your system.

  4. Setting Up a Framework: I’ll create a structured way for you to plan and track your tech work. This helps in staying organized and focused.

  5. Keeping Everyone Informed: Good communication is key. I’ll make sure everyone who needs to know about the tech plans is kept in the loop.

  6. Getting Your Engineers on Board: It’s important that your engineering team agrees with and supports the plan. I’ll work with them to make sure they understand and are committed to our goals.

  7. Adjusting as Needed: Plans can change, and that’s okay. I’ll be there to help adjust the roadmap if things come up or priorities shift.

I help you make and manage a tech plan that works for your business. This means less stress for you, a clear direction for your team, and making sure you’re ready for the future.

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The Purpose of Learnings

  • Subsections for each technology (Hugo, JavaScript, React Native, PHP, Python, etc.).
  • Articles, tutorials, and guides written by Orhan.
  • Personal insights and learning experiences in each technology.


Subsections of Learnings

HTTP Status Codes

Hey folks! Let’s chat about HTTP status codes. These are like the high-fives or head shakes from websites when we ask them to do stuff. I’ll keep it simple and fun as we explore what these codes mean and why they’re key for anyone tinkering with websites or APIs. Ready to become a web whisperer? Let’s roll! 🌐👍👎

1xx Informational

2xx Success

3xx Redirection

4xx Client Error

5xx Server Error

HTTP Status Codes Cheatsheet

Code Name Description
1xxx Informational
100 Continue Request received, please continue
101 Switching Protocols Switching to new protocol
102 Processing (WebDAV) WebDAV request is processing
2xxx Succesful
200 OK The request has succeeded
201 Created Request has been fulfilled, new resource created
202 Accepted Request accepted, processing not complete
203 Non-Authoritative Information Information not from original server
204 No Content Request processed, no content to return
205 Reset Content Request processed, reset document view
206 Partial Content Partial HTTP request fulfilled
207 Multi-Status (WebDAV) Multiple status codes for WebDAV
208 Already Reported (WebDAV) DAV binding members enumerated
226 IM Used Delta encoding in HTTP
3xxx Redirection
300 Multiple Choices Multiple options for the resource
301 Moved Permanently Redirect to new URI
302 Found Temporarily moved to another URI
303 See Other Response under another URI
304 Not Modified Resource not modified since last request
305 Use Proxy Must be accessed through proxy
306 (Unused) No longer used
307 Temporary Redirect Temporary redirection of request
308 Permanent Redirect (Experimental) Repeat using another URI
4xxx Client Error
400 Bad Request Server cannot process request
401 Unauthorized Authentication required
402 Payment Required Reserved for future use
403 Forbidden Server refuses to respond
404 Not Found Resource could not be found
405 Method Not Allowed Method not supported by resource
406 Not Acceptable Resource not available in acceptable format
407 Proxy Authentication Required Must authenticate with proxy
408 Request Timeout Server timed out waiting for request
409 Conflict Request could not be completed due to conflict
410 Gone Resource no longer available
411 Length Required Length of content not specified
412 Precondition Failed Server preconditions not met
413 Request Entity Too Large Request too large to process
414 Request-URI Too Long URI too long for server to process
415 Unsupported Media Type Media type not supported
416 Requested Range Not Satisfiable Requested range not fulfillable
417 Expectation Failed Server cannot meet Expect request-header field
418 I’m a Teapot (RFC 2324) Teapot cannot brew coffee
420 Enhance Your Calm (Twitter) Rate limiting (Twitter)
422 Unprocessable Entity (WebDAV) Request well-formed but semantically erroneous
423 Locked (WebDAV) Resource being accessed is locked
424 Failed Dependency (WebDAV) Failure of previous request
425 Reserved for WebDAV Reserved for “WebDAV Advanced Collections Protocol”
426 Upgrade Required Client should switch protocols
428 Precondition Required Origin server requires conditional request
429 Too Many Requests User sent too many requests in given time
431 Request Header Fields Too Large Header fields too large to process
444 No Response (Nginx) No information from server (Nginx)
449 Retry With (Microsoft) Request should be retried (Microsoft)
450 Blocked by Windows Parental Controls (Microsoft) Blocked by parental controls (Microsoft)
451 Unavailable For Legal Reasons Resource unavailable for legal reasons
499 Client Closed Request (Nginx) Connection closed by client while server processing
5xxx Server Error
500 Internal Server Error Generic error message when server fails
501 Not Implemented Server does not recognize method or lacks ability to fulfill
502 Bad Gateway Invalid response from upstream server
503 Service Unavailable Server unable to handle request due to temporary overloading or maintenance
504 Gateway Timeout Gateway or proxy server timed out
505 HTTP Version Not Supported Server does not support the HTTP protocol version used in the request
506 Variant Also Negotiates (Experimental) Transparent content negotiation for the request leads to a circular reference
507 Insufficient Storage (WebDAV) Server unable to store the representation needed to complete the request
508 Loop Detected (WebDAV) Infinite loop detected in request processing (WebDAV)
509 Bandwidth Limit Exceeded (Apache) Bandwidth limit exceeded (Apache servers)
510 Not Extended Further extensions to the request are required for the server to fulfill it
511 Network Authentication Required Client needs to authenticate to gain network access

Subsections of HTTP Status Codes

Subsections of Blog


Hi, I’m Orhan. 👋

Welcome to a glimpse of my tech journey, starting right from the heart of Istanbul, Turkey, and stretching across the globe. This photo gallery is more than just a collection of images; it’s a visual narrative of my adventures and achievements in the tech world. From the bustling streets of Istanbul, where it all began, to the innovative hubs in various countries, each photo tells a story of growth, innovation, and success. You’ll see moments captured from the vibrant e-commerce scenes of and GittiGidiyor/eBay, to the pioneering projects at, Bamilo, Asanpardakht, Goldenscent and Homzmart. These snapshots aren’t just memories; they represent milestones of a journey that transcends borders, embodying the spirit of a tech enthusiast who turned local expertise into global success.

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Orhan Doğan, CTO

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My Memories

Orhan Dogan and Team Gathered here is the spirited team of, a testament to what passion, perseverance, and a relentless drive for innovation can achieve. The #1 classified website and app in Turkey didn’t just evolve; it was reborn through our dedication. For 15 months, sleep was a luxury and pressure was a constant, but the boundless learning and growth we experienced were unmatched. This photo isn’t just a memory, it’s a milestone of our collective journey, a reminder that together, we can redefine the digital landscape.

Orhan Dogan Cto Homzmart Proudly standing before the Homzmart emblem, a symbol of innovation and home solutions where I contributed as CTO. My journey here has been more than a role; it’s been about transforming ideas into tangible experiences that enhance homes and lives. Every line of code was a step towards redefining comfort for our customers, a mission I embarked on with a dedicated team turned family. Here’s to the legacy we’re building—one innovation at a time.

Orhan Dogan Ebay Automation At Infrastructure At the heart of innovation, this image takes us back to the Santa Clara Convention Center, where I had the privilege to dive into the transformative world of eBay’s infrastructure. With industry leaders like Hugh E. Williams at the helm, it was a masterclass in scaling, automating, and refining the digital frameworks that power global online marketplaces. These conferences are more than learning experiences; they are catalysts for growth, inspiring us to reimagine what’s possible in the realm of tech.

Orhan Dogan Cto Asanpardakht Meeting With Head Of Central Bank It looks like a significant meeting, a gathering where critical decisions are made. Dressed sharply in a suit, which might not be an everyday thing, this moment captures the weight of responsibility in the fintech world. Handling 2 million real time sessions on a lottery day or 250K real time sessions on a regular day is no small feat; it’s a testament to the serious, high-stakes environment where every decision counts. The photo reflects the gravity of the industry—serious faces for serious work. Yet, there’s a sense of pride, too, knowing that this is what driving innovation in fintech looks like.

Orhan Dogan Ebay Gittigidiyor Team Sipirit Just another day at the office, trying to keep the ‘r’s in GittiGidiyorrrrr from rolling away. Teamwork makes the dream work, even when it’s about saving letters from dropping off the wall. 😄

Orhan Dogan Cto Homzmart Giza Pyramids Standing before the majestic Giza Pyramids and the enigmatic Sphinx, I am reminded of the timeless allure of Egypt’s wonders. These monuments are a testament to human ingenuity and the mysteries of past civilizations. With the sun casting its warm glow, I cherish this moment where history whispers tales of antiquity, and I am but a traveler fortunate enough to listen.

Orhan Dogan Cto Homzmart Team Mates Turkish French Indian Shared moments like these are the treasures of life – standing with my Homzmart colleagues (Turkish, French and Indian guys) against the canvas of ancient wonders. Each smile in this photo is a story, a memory etched in time, as we stand shoulder to shoulder, not just as coworkers, but as comrades on an adventure. Here’s to the bonds forged through shared experiences and to the chapters yet to be written in our journey!

Orhan Dogan With Alp Kayar Mexico City A moment of camaraderie captured as Alp and I unwind at a restaurant, delving into the depths of life and the intricacies of business. It’s these discussions, amidst the hum of the city, that fuel our ambitions and remind us that the journey is as rewarding as the destination. Here’s to the conversations that inspire and the shared meals that bring us closer.

Orhan Dogan With Craftgate And Ex Ebay Team Captured here is a special reunion at the Craftgate office, where Sarp and I revisited ties with old colleagues from our GittiGidiyor—eBay Turkey days. It’s a celebration of past and present, where familiar faces from one successful venture gather to support another. Craftgate stands as a testament to the entrepreneurial spirit of our friends, now leading a thriving fintech company. This moment symbolizes the enduring bonds and shared pride in each other’s achievements. Here’s to friendship, past collaborations, and future triumphs!

Orhan Dogan Bazlia Team Conference About Startup In the midst of a Bazlia team meeting, I’m captured here delivering a speech that gets to the heart of our mission. The slide behind me poses fundamental questions that remind us of our purpose: “Why have we established this company? Why are we doing this? Why are we here?” These are the guiding questions that drive every strategic discussion and decision we make. This moment encapsulates our commitment to not just chase success, but to build it on the foundation of our shared vision and values.

Orhan Dogan Ebay Gittigidiyor 5th Anniversary Plaque Receiving this plaque marks a personal milestone—my fifth anniversary with GittiGidiyor, an eBay company. It’s a tangible piece of recognition for the years of dedication and the part I’ve played in our collective achievements. This honor is a testament to the journey we’ve embarked on together, filled with growth, challenges, and success. It stands as a proud reminder of the progress we’ve made and the future we’re building together. Here’s to the memories made and the many more to come.

Orhan Dogan CTO 1v1y Com Ecommerce Office This is where the magic happens—at the office in Istanbul. A space that’s much more than just an office; it’s a breeding ground for ideas, a place where creativity meets commerce, and every corner tells a story of innovation and hard work. The high ceilings echo with the click-clack of keyboards and the occasional laughter, a testament to the team’s spirit and dedication. Here, amidst the buzz of collaboration, we’re not just building a business, we’re crafting a legacy. It’s not just a place of work; it’s a second home where every team member contributes to the symphony of a seamless shopping experience. This is where we turn dreams into code and code into user-friendly shopping bliss. Cheers to the hive that’s always alive, to the hustle, the bonds, and the shared success! 🚀🖥️💼

Orhan Dogan CTO 1v1y Com Ecommerce Tech Team Here’s the heartbeat of—our tech team in action. In the midst of screens and keyboards, each member is deeply focused, weaving the digital fabric of our platform. It’s a sight that fills me with pride: a room full of brilliant minds, where each person brings a unique puzzle piece to the table, completing the picture of our shared vision. As the CTO, I’m inspired every day by this scene of dedication and passion. This is where the codes are written that build the bridges between customers and their desires. It’s more than just an office; it’s a place where technology and ambition intersect, creating a symphony of innovation that drives us forward.

Orhan Dogan Ebay Gittigidiyor Aziz Caught in a moment of lighthearted mischief with Aziz at the GittiGidiyor eBay Turkey office! Here’s to the countless hours of coding, camaraderie, and the occasional headlock that remind us not to take life too seriously. Aziz always had a knack for pushing my buttons and apparently my head too! It’s these spontaneous bursts of fun amidst our hard work that kept our spirits high. Just a typical day in the life of developers where ‘head support’ takes on a whole new meaning! 😄

Orhan Dogan Ebay Gittigidiyor Entrance Gittigidiyor Kapandi Standing at the threshold of eBay Turkey, where the world connects through commerce, I somehow managed to keep a straight face—perhaps a little too straight. Maybe I was pondering the complexities of PHP, or maybe I just saw the cafeteria menu without coffee listed. Whatever it was, this photo is a reminder that even on the most serious of days, there’s always room for a laugh—especially when you look as stern as a guard at a world map museum. Here’s to the coder’s poker face; may it occasionally crack into a smile!

Orhan Dogan 1v1vy Tech Team Meeting Here’s a throwback to the hustle of a tech team meeting at, with me at the helm as CTO. This was moments before we launched a new system, the kind of day where coffee is your best friend and the air buzzes with anticipation. It’s a snapshot of focus, teamwork, and the quiet excitement of techies on the brink of rolling out something great.

Orhan Dogan 1v1y Com Project Workshop Late nights at the office, where the glow of monitors light up our determined faces. This is my team in action at, where every problem has a solution waiting to be discovered. As CTO, it’s these moments, surrounded by the buzz of collaboration and the clack of keyboards, that remind me why I love what I do. We’re not just colleagues; we’re a crew sailing through the sea of tech, navigating by the stars of our shared goals.

Orhan Dogan 1v1y Com Warehouse Visit For Tech Team Strolling through the heart of’s logistics center, here’s the tech team and I getting up close with the daily dance of orders and deliveries. It’s one thing to design systems behind a screen, but another to witness the hustle and flow that our code supports. This visit wasn’t just about observation—it was about connection, understanding the pulse of operations to fine-tune our work. Real hands, real products, real impact.

Orhan Dogan CTO Bamilo Tech Team Working For Black Friday The office is buzzing with energy, the air practically crackling with anticipation for Black Friday. Our tech team, divided into seven squads, is fully engrossed, with scrum boards as our war maps. The festive decorations add a touch of excitement to the serious hustle of preparation. It’s a high-stress time, but there’s also a sense of camaraderie in the air – we’re in this together, pushing for success. It’s the kind of atmosphere where you either rise to the challenge or step aside – and we’re here to rise.

Orhan Dogan CTO Bamilo Black Friday Tech Room Caught in the midst of action, here’s a snapshot from the tech room during our Black Friday prep. I joined Bamilo in April 2018, but the memory of the previous year’s system crash right before the campaign still lingers. It was a moment of truth, a crash at 11:30 PM that lasted until the next afternoon, turning all campaign efforts upside down.

Stepping into this team, I was faced with a clear mission: to ensure flawless execution. And we did it. This photo captures the spirit of that intense preparation. In November 2018, with half the previous year’s advertising budget, we made Bamilo’s biggest sales in its 6-year history. Our system smoothly handled 67,000 real-time users.

It was do or die, and we did it – together with my team, we turned the tide. This photo isn’t just a memory; it’s a testament to our hard work and determination.

Orhan Dogan CTO Bamilo Tech Infra Working This is where the magic happens. Our Infrastructure team, deep in focus, preparing for Black Friday. Each person here is a vital piece of a larger puzzle, working together to ensure everything runs smoothly. It’s a room where strategy meets action, where countless hours of hard work unfold into success. The whiteboard full of tasks, the clutter of cables and cups of coffee – they all tell the story of dedication and teamwork. We’re the unseen gears in a massive machine, and when Black Friday hits, we’re ready to shine.

Orhan Dogan CTO Bamilo Tech Infra Here’s Bamilo infra crew, the tech warriors, geared up for Black Friday. Look at those smiles! Despite the stress, we find moments to laugh and bond. It’s not just about servers and code; it’s about the people who make it all work. This photo captures more than just a team; it’s a family, ready to tackle the biggest shopping day with confidence and spirit. These are the faces behind the scenes, making sure everything ticks without a hitch. Go team!

Orhan Dogan CTO Bamilo Warehouse Logictic Arm 5000 Sqm Here I am in the heart of our 5000 sqm logistics hub, the lifeline of Black Friday. Notebook in hand, I’m diving into the nitty-gritty of our delivery prep. It’s all about ensuring our tech is as ready as our team, making sure we deliver joy as efficiently as we code. This warehouse is where plans become reality, and where we’re gearing up to make sure your Black Friday finds reach you on time. It’s a huge operation, but we’ve got it under control. Let’s roll out a Black Friday to remember!

Orhan Dogan CTO Bamilo Tech Room Helmet Building codes, coding software and architecturing infra — as the CTO, I’ve got to be ready for all! Here I am, helmet on, because when it comes to Black Friday, we’re constructing deals not just websites or mobile apps. It’s not your typical tech attire, but hey, safety first, right? Who says you can’t mix a bit of construction style with tech flair? After all, we’re engineering sales, not just software!

Orhan Dogan CTO Bamilo Tired Boss Long days, longer nights. Here’s the look of a CTO during the Black Friday marathon - a mix of focus, fatigue, and the inevitable snack attack. Surrounded by a landscape of tech, this is where strategy meets stamina. It’s not just about keeping the systems up, but also keeping the spirits high. Sure, the desk is messy, and the eyes are tired, but the goal is clear. This is the real behind-the-scenes of making big things happen. Hang in there, boss – the home stretch is in sight!

Orhan Dogan CTO Bamilo Tech Taks Are On Everywhere Our task board is a colorful mosaic of sticky notes, each one a mission critical to our Black Friday ops. It’s a snapshot of our organized chaos, where every note is a stepping stone towards our goal. From IT support to database checkups, every piece of the puzzle is laid out here, a roadmap for our tech team’s journey. It’s where plans are hatched and progress is tracked, all leading up to the big day. We’re ready to tackle each task, one sticky note at a time!

Orhan Dogan CTO Bamilo Tech Team Spirit With Kaveh And Farzan In the heart of the hustle, here’s a throwback to great times with Kaveh and Farzan. Standing strong with these tech wizards on my left and right, we’ve weathered many storms together. They’re not just smart; they’re good souls, making the hard work feel a lot easier. While this photo captures the three of us, it’s a shoutout to the whole team—everyone played a part in our Black Friday success at Bamilo. And the journey didn’t end there; some of these brilliant minds joined me in building Here’s to talent, teamwork, and the bonds that form in the trenches of tech challenges!

Orhan Dogan At Datacenter Here’s a snapshot from the inner sanctum of Asanpardakht’s data centers, where I’m getting the rundown from the head of datacenters. Managing three physical centers and over 500 servers is no small feat—it’s a world of blinking lights and humming machines that make ‘Easy Payments’ possible. Each server is a cog in the vast machinery of digital transactions, and this visit was all about ensuring everything runs like clockwork. 250K real time users, 700K physical POS users have to be happy which is what we were serving for.

Orhan Dogan Datacenter Switches Servers Network Equipments The heart of our operations lies right here in this powerhouse of servers and switches. A tangled web of cables, each one a lifeline, connecting and powering the network equipment that forms the backbone of our digital world. Every blink of an LED is a sign of data in motion, a pulse in the vast nervous system that keeps us all connected.

Orhan Dogan Bamanshop Team Meeting Standing here with a proud smile at the Bamanshop Team Meeting, I’m marking a milestone that was once just a dream. We’ve come a long way, from ideas on paper to securing our first 1 million euro investment for the marketplace. As the founder and CEO, it was a defining moment to share our progress with the team who are the backbone of this venture. This photo captures the spirit of our collective effort and the beginning of our exciting journey ahead.

Orhan Dogan At Tech Conference Immersed in the world of innovation at a tech conference, here I am, fully engaged in the flow of new ideas and insights. Surrounded by peers and thought leaders, it’s moments like these that fuel my passion for technology and drive me to keep learning, growing, and connecting. #TechConference

Orhan Dogan Bamilo Black Friday Mobile App And Web Traffic Black Friday at Bamilo was a night of electric anticipation, watching as our systems geared up for the rush. Here’s my command center, my eyes glued to Google Analytics, ready to launch the campaign. Every spike, every dip—a story of customers flocking to deals. This is the pulse of e-commerce, and on nights like these, it beats faster than ever.

Orhan Dogan Bazlia Investment Signature 1m Euro Here’s a defining moment for Bazlia (formerly known as Bamanshop), with pen in hand, signing the papers that would secure a 1 million euro investment. It was more than just ink on paper; it was a pledge of faith in our vision, a commitment to growth, and a leap towards the future we’re building.

Orhan Dogan Homzmart Guc German University In Cairo Tech Festival At the German University in Cairo Tech Festival, surrounded by the Homzmart family, we stand united in our passion for innovation. Alia with her sharp product insights, Lamia’s HR prowess ensuring we’re all where we’re meant to be, Ziyad with his tech genius, Hadeer’s product strategies, and Marwan’s product expertise all contribute to the energy here. Together, we’re a testament to Homzmart’s collaborative spirit and shared vision for the future.

Orhan Dogan Bazlia Launch Date 41 Days Left Countdown to launch: 41 days left! Here’s a snapshot with the team, full of smiles and anticipation. I’m feeling the excitement bubble up as Bazlia gets closer to its big reveal. Each day is a step closer to our dream turning into reality, and the energy from the team is infectious. Can’t wait to see where we’ll be when this countdown hits zero!

Orhan Dogan Bazlia Mobile App UAT Launch Here’s me, Orhan, beaming with pride at the launch of Bazlia’s mobile app UAT. This is a big step for us—testing, tweaking, perfecting. The journey from concept to this point has been incredible, and holding the app in my hand feels surreal. Big shoutout to the team in the backdrop, the unsung heroes in this adventure. Let the testing begin!

Orhan Dogan Bazlia Website UAT Test “And it’s a wrap on another day of UAT for Bazlia’s website—hands clapping, spirits high. There I am, leading the charge, ensuring every feature is polished to perfection. It’s these moments of teamwork and shared dedication that remind me why we pour our hearts into every line of code. Testing times are intense, but the payoff is a seamless user experience. Onwards to launch day!*

Orhan Dogan Bazmanshop Bazlia Team Meeting Here’s to another productive team meeting at the hotel for Bazlia (formerly known Bamanshop). Standing next to our vibrant banner, I’m reminded of the journey we’re on together. Each meeting is a step forward in our mission to make Bazlia a household name. Here’s to teamwork, progress, and the excitement of what we’re building!

Orhan Dogan Birthday Celeptation Celebrating another trip around the sun at Bazlia, and what’s a birthday without a little tradition? The team gave me the ultimate makeover—a face full of cake! It’s safe to say, they really know how to ’layer’ on the birthday love. Here’s to a year as sweet as the frosting on my nose and as rich as the laughter we share.

Orhan Dogan Car Trip Road trips create the best stories! Here’s me taking a quick break with my friend Ahmet on our epic 2500km journey. Nothing beats stretching your legs and grabbing a bite to refuel. The open road, good company, and endless adventure—this is what memories are made of.

Orhan Dogan Chilling Out With Ugur And Alp Here’s to good food and great company! Caught in a moment of laughter with Ugur on my right and Alp on my left, just three amigos making the most out of a casual hangout. It’s these unplanned gatherings that often turn into the best of times.

Orhan Dogan, CTO Fractional Seasoned Yellow Bg Meet Orhan Dogan, the man with a roadmap for tech success etched into his smile. As a seasoned CTO, he’s the tech whisperer your startup needs. Don’t let the serious face fool you, he codes with one hand and high-fives with the other. Need a tech strategy with a side of charisma? Orhan’s your guy. So, don’t just scroll by; give your company the upgrade it deserves. Get in touch and let’s code the future together! 😊 Contact me

Orhan Dogan Cto Fractional Seasoned Here’s Orhan, your friendly neighborhood tech maestro, looking like he just solved your company’s biggest IT challenge during his coffee break. With a smile that says “I’ve got the code to your success,” he’s ready to turn your digital dreams into reality. If you’re in search of tech expertise with a dash of charm, look no further. Hit that contact button, and let’s turn those binary blues into a digital paradise! 😊 Contact me

Orhan Dogan CTO Homzmart Team Members Turkish Egyption Grek Indian Here we are, the Homzmart United Nations, with Alia capturing the moment and her heritage with the perfect flag placement. There’s me, Orhan, representing Turkey with tech tactics, Alia bringing her Greco-Egyptian product prowess, and Manpreet, our logistics wizard from India. Just a typical day at the office in Cairo, plotting global domination, one product, and shipment at a time.

Orhan Dogan, CTO Sushi And Board Meeting Sushi rolls and strategic goals – that’s how we roll at our semi-board meeting! Here’s the squad: me, the tech wizard Orhan; Mahmoud, our CEO mastermind; Refaat, the numbers guru; Ibrahim, the operations orchestrator; Awlia, leading the charge in Saudi; and Mohammed, our MD maestro. A feast for the stomach and the brain, proving that the best decisions are often made over a platter of maki.

Orhan Dogan, CTO With A Lovely Dog Caught in a candid moment with the office’s unofficial ‘barketing’ manager. We’re just discussing the ‘paws-ibilities’ of our next big project. Stay tuned for what we’re ‘unleashing’ next!

Orhan Dogan Delphi Coding Eskidji Bodrum Flashback to 2005, here’s young Orhan in his natural habitat, coding away in Delphi for Eskidji Bodrum. Just a 26-year-old tech wizard in the making, probably thinking he could use a couple more monitors. Some say if you listen closely, you can still hear the furious clacking of keys and the soft hum of a dial-up modem.

Orhan Dogan Ebay Gittigidiyor Football Team Back in the day, the Gittigidiyor/eBay Turkey football team was the real deal—here we are, the coding cleats crew! Sure, we could debug in our sleep, but give us a ball and watch the magic happen. Some say our passing game was as smooth as our user interfaces. And defense? Let’s just say not even the strongest bugs got past our goalie.

Orhan Dogan Ebay Gittigidiyor Funny Hat Who knew that coding could bring you such sunny adventures? From cracking code to cracking smiles, this is how you cap off a hard day’s work at GittiGidiyor/eBay Turkey. Senior software developer by day, undercover cowboy by the sunny side of the office window. Yee-haw! 🤠

Orhan Dogan Ebay Santa Jose California Yes, I know! I love cars!

Orhan Dogan Electronic Circuit Design Throwback to my Marmara University days, where we’d dive deep into the world of electronic circuits. Here’s a snapshot of us in the zone, probably debating whether that’s a resistor or just a really tiny lightsaber on the screen. Ah, the good old days of engineering mysteries!

Orhan Dogan Kartal Technical High School Software Development Flashback to ‘1995 at Kartal Technical High School where our software dreams were as big as those vintage computers! Shoutout to my teacher and my crew for the countless hours of coding and the occasional shenanigans. Who could have guessed we’d go from floppy disks to cloud computing?

Orhan Dogan Learning Coding Istanbul Back in 2002, my room looked like a tech museum where I was the main exhibit: ‘Programmer in Habitat.’ Armed with my trusty PCs and enough cables to rappel down a skyscraper, I was on a mission to code my way to success. Startup life before it was cool!

Orhan Dogan Likes Cowboy Hat Exploring the wild frontiers of the concrete jungle with my favorite cowboy hat. Who needs a horse when you’ve got style like this? 🤠

Orhan Dogan Marmara University Computer Controlled Liquid Level Control Project Here’s to the days when we controlled more than just the playlist on our phones — we controlled the liquid levels like pros. University lab sessions were like group workouts for our brains, with a lot less sweat and a lot more troubleshooting.

Orhan Dogan Marmara University Electronic Lab Back in the day at Marmara University’s Electronic Lab, where I was probably pondering if I could wire up my coffee machine to my alarm clock for an instant morning brew. The lab was my second home, and those oscilloscopes were my kind of video games.

Orhan Dogan Parag Trip Restaurant Throwback to that one fiery night in Prague at a restaurant that was as dramatic as the history we’d been exploring all day. Serdar and I, comrades from GittiGidiyor days, found ourselves surrounded by flames, feasting, and history that you could almost touch. Quite the literal ‘hot spot’ of our adventure!

Orhan Dogan Php Mysql Book Caddebostan Istanbul Here’s me back in 2006, flashing the biggest smile with my trusty PHP and MySQL book in Caddebostan, Istanbul. Because what’s better than spending a sunny day brushing up on coding under the shade of a tree? Maybe finding a semi-colon I missed on page 101.

Orhan Dogan Php Zend Framework Zendcon Throwback to ZendCon 2011 with Mustafa from GittiGidiyor/eBay Turkey. We geeked out on all things PHP in the heart of Silicon Valley, absorbing sessions like sponges. Great times decoding the day and encoding the night away!

Orhan Dogan Php Who says coders can’t have toys? Here’s my PHP elephant giving a lift to a mini superhero. Just a typical day at the GittiGidiyor office, where coding skills are as super as the figures on our desks!

Orhan Dogan Pos Machines Back in my days as CTO at AsanPardakht, here’s where the magic (and sometimes the mayhem) happened. This board was the surgery table for POS machines, with over 700,000 of them out in the wild, each piece here tells a story of transactions, troubleshooting, and tech triumphs.

It’s like a tech puzzle; every chip, every wire played its part in keeping the digital heartbeat of commerce ticking. Proud of the electronic arm of our team, who were the unsung heroes making sure each beep and swipe didn’t miss a beat.

Orhan Dogan Prag Trip Exploring Prague with my buddy Serdar from GittiGidiyor, and here I am, caught in the moment where I probably spotted the only thing not moving faster than our code—this classic tram! Or maybe I was just pondering over which coding language the tram would speak if it could talk.

Orhan Dogan With Bazlia Team When the team’s code is so fire, you start seeing virtual flames and reindeer antlers! Here’s the Bazlia squad, featuring our very own ’tech-deer’ leading the pack. With Ugur in the mix, you know it’s a codeathon that even Santa can’t outdo!

Orhan Dogan With His Father At Boat Trip 10 Yearsold Looking at this cherished photo brings back a flood of warm memories. It captures a moment from my childhood, with my father by my side, as we embarked on a boat trip to explore our new home in Istanbul. I was just ten years old, full of wonder and excitement. This snapshot in time, with the breeze from the Bosphorus gently ruffling our hair and the city’s pulse echoing in the background, reminds me of the adventure and promise that moving to Istanbul held for us. It’s a treasured memory of discovery and father-son bonding that I hold dear.

Orhan Dogan And His Father Tailor Shop In the heart of our bustling Istanbul, within the walls of the tailor shop that has become a second home, this photograph captures a rare moment of stillness. Here we stand, three craftsmen from different walks of life, united by blood and bonded by craft. I (Orhan), don the black tee, standing proudly beside my father—the central figure in this trio—and my esteemed uncle Harun. Tailoring is their art, a craft passed through our family’s generations. With needle and thread, they sculpt textiles into garments, each stitch a testament to their mastery and dedication to their trade.

Thirty-seven years have passed since we first called Istanbul our home, and in that time, I have been a silent witness to the quiet majesty of the tailor’s craft. My father and uncle, artisans in their own right, work with the precision of a painter and the calculation of an architect. Their shop is a place of transformation, where fabric is meticulously cut, shaped, and assembled into sartorial elegance. From them, I’ve learned the virtues of patience and perseverance, the meticulous attention to detail, and the pride of creating something from the barest of materials—a philosophy that I carry into my own work with software, where every line of code is a stitch in a complex digital tapestry.

As I reflect on this photo, I can’t help but draw parallels between the worlds of tailoring and software. Both demand a craftsman’s touch, where each individual piece comes together to form a greater whole. Like the measured cuts of a tailor’s shears, coding requires precision; like the assembly of a bespoke suit, programming demands an understanding of how separate elements unite into a seamless, functioning entity. This image, a snapshot of tradition and progress, is a bridge between the tactile artistry of my father’s generation and the digital craftsmanship of mine. It’s a reminder that, at their core, all crafts are about creation—about shaping the world around us, one stitch, one line of code at a time.

Orhan Dogan With His Father In Village Of Kayseri This sun-drenched snapshot takes me back to the summer of 2010, to my grandfather’s village house near Kayseri. Here, my father and I are caught in a simple moment of joy, savoring the crisp taste of apples picked right from the orchard. It’s memories like these, so vivid and flavorful, that remind me of the timeless pleasures of family and nature. The orchard, with its bounty, felt like a natural extension of my grandfather’s home, a place where the fruits of the earth were enjoyed under the shade of the trees. Each bite was more than just a taste of fresh apple; it was a taste of heritage and home.

Orhan Dogan With Tech Team Heads Gathered around the table in this photo are not just colleagues, but pillars of a team that once crafted countless solutions under the banner of Asanpardakht. I, serving as the CTO during those dynamic times, am flanked by the leaders of our Physical POS and Mobile Applications units. The strength of their characters is palpable, their expertise a cornerstone of our success. This moment, frozen in time, serves as a vibrant reminder of the camaraderie and dedication that fueled our collective journey. Together, we navigated challenges and celebrated triumphs, each day writing a new page in the saga of innovation and teamwork. Those were indeed beautiful times, etched in memory, where the fusion of technology and human ingenuity sparked endless possibilities.

Orhan Dogan With Ugur Eskidji Bazlia Presentation In the cozy corner of our favorite café, laptops open and minds buzzing, here’s a throwback to the days when my friend Uğur and I were brewing more than just coffee. We were concocting a presentation that would distill the essence of company cultures and branding for Bazlia. Our teamwork was like a finely tuned orchestra—every note in sync, every harmony in place. A pair of dedicated souls on a quest for perfection.

Uğur, with his knack for turning the complex into the comprehensible, now captains his own ship, Kriko, navigating the vast seas of SEO. He’s the kind of guy who adds ‘search engine’ to optimization in both work and laughter. A maestro in the digital realm, and let me tell you, his business is soaring as high as his spirit. Together, we were a dynamic duo, our team spirit as perfect as the froth on a cappuccino. Here’s to the good old days, mate—may your code be bug-free and your keywords always rank at the top!

Orhan Dogan With Ugur Eskidji Breakfast Weekend breakfasts are sacred, but when they’re with Uğur, they turn epic! Here we are, a table groaning under the weight of our feast, and us, trying to decide if we’re here to eat or to compete. Uğur’s one of those guys who can make you laugh so hard you forget to chew, and just when you think you’ve got the upper hand on the spread, he’s already reaching for the last piece of baklava. His appetite for food is matched only by his appetite for life—always hungry for the next adventure. Let’s be honest, a meal with him is the only time when I’m happy to lose, especially if it’s a race to the bottom of the jam jar. Cheers to weekend vibes and breakfasts that last until lunch! 🍳🥖✨


Who is Orhan Dogan?

Hello World! I’m the tech wizard behind the curtain, the Chief Technology Officer (CTO) with over a decade of weaving digital spells. I’ve conjured up software marvels in every realm you can think of - Fintech, e-Commerce, the bustling crossroads of Hotel, Flight & Tourism tech, the intricate labyrinths of HR, Real Estate, and the ever-evolving Media sector. My tech alchemy played a pivotal role in the staggering 217.5M$ GittiGidiyor deal with eBay, pumped 23M$ into Homzmart’s veins, and magically materialized a cool 1M Euro for my own startup venture.

I’ve led brigades of tech warriors, from squads of 7 to armies over 200 strong, across the global digital battlefield. My mission? To turn ambitious projects into reality, leaving a trail of success stories and awe-struck clients in my wake.

My arsenal? Oh, it’s vast and mighty - PHP, Python, Java, C#, GoLang, Flutter, you name it. From the depths of MySQL and NoSQL to the heights of AWS and the intricacies of ChatGPT and AI, I’ve mastered them all. Agile? Scrum? Child’s play. I’m the tech maestro who turns chaos into code, ideas into innovations, and coffee into code.

Orhan Doğan, CTO

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I am fluent in reading and writing code in C, PHP, Java, JavaScript, Node.js, Python, and Go. With a bit of time to adapt, I’m capable of learning and proficiently coding in any programming language.


I specialize in Laravel and Lumen, coupled with React (Redux) and Vue.js for front-end. Earlier, I also gained experience in ZendFramework, Django, Angular, and React Native for mobile.

Cloud & Datacenters

I’m skilled in cloud (AWS, Ali Cloud, Google Cloud) and non-cloud environments, managing Hetzner servers since 2006, and experienced in applications, VPNs, and Dockerization.

DevOps - MLOps

Experienced in CI/CD pipelines using Bitbucket and GitLab, including cloud-native solutions. Skilled in Machine Learning operations with Kubeflow and familiar with Git Actions.


Skilled in SQL databases like MySQL and PostgreSQL, along with in-memory databases such as Redis and Memcached, and others including MongoDB and Neo4j.


Experienced with various message brokers, queue systems, and search platforms, including RabbitMQ, SQS, Kafka, Lucene, Sphinxsearch, Elastic, load balancers, and Lambda.

E-Commerse & CMS

Active in e-commerce development since 2006, I began with native languages and added Magento, Shopify, WordPress, Joomla, Drupal, and led a proprietary CMS’s development.

Machine Learning - AI

Proficient in full-stack Machine Learning and AI, encompassing data engineering and model development using Tensorflow and Python, with a focus on creating robust and efficient solutions


Specialized in Nginx and Centos for server management, I now focus on Docker containerization and AWS Serverless Functions, while personally managing servers on Hetzner and DigitalOcean.


Proficient in CSS/SASS, HTML, and familiar with frameworks like Bootstrap and Foundation, complemented by experience with popular stacks like React and Vue.js.

Big Data

Experienced in AWS-based data pipelines and custom solutions, also skilled with Google Cloud’s BigQuery, Dataproc, Pub/Sub, Data Studio for Data Warehouses, BI dashboards, and ETL Pipelines.


Focused on developing REST and GraphQL APIs, often within a Microservices architecture and utilizing API Gateways, while also knowledgeable in traditional methods write here


Market Research

Analyzing Trends. Utilizing tools like Google Analytics and SEMrush to understand market needs and identify opportunities for innovation and differentiation.

Idea Generation

Creative Brainstorming. Employing Mindmapping tools like MindMeister and collaborative platforms like Miro for generating and refining product ideas.

Concept Development

Designing Blueprints. Using Figma and Balsamiq for initial design mockups, focusing on user experience and feasibility.

Prototype & MVP

Building Test Models. Creating Minimum Viable Products (MVPs) with tools like Sketch and InVision to test core functionalities and gather early feedback.

User Testing & Feedback

Gathering Insights. Conducting focus groups and using platforms like UsabilityHub to collect user feedback, refining the product based on real-world usage.

Go-to-Market Strategy

Launching Successfully. Developing comprehensive market entry strategies, leveraging Atlassian tools for project management and coordination across teams.

Market Positioning

Strategically analyzing the market using Ahrefs and SEMrush, focusing on creating a unique brand identity and securing a competitive market position.

Customer Engagement

Enhancing customer relationships through CRM platforms like Salesforce and HubSpot, gathering insights to inform product improvements and boost user satisfaction.

Product Lifecycle Management

Managing the product’s entire lifecycle with PLM tools like Arena or Upchain, ensuring it consistently aligns with evolving market needs and customer expectations.

C-Level ::: Chief Technology Officer

Recruiting and Hiring

Expert in tech team recruitment, adept at finding and evaluating talent cost-effectively. Developed a unique skill verification method to ensure the right hires and avoid costly recruitment errors.

Technical Strategy

Skilled in guiding businesses through modern challenges, focusing on youth engagement, ethical tech use, and adaptability. My strategies enhance business models, ensuring technology integration and future readiness.

Technology Research

Specialized in selecting the right technology for businesses, I meticulously evaluate tech options, consult experts, and consider long-term viability to prevent future obsolescence and support issues.

Project Management

Expert in managing large-scale projects with substantial budgets, employing both traditional and modern methodologies. Prioritize clear communication, transparent planning, and contingency strategies to maintain schedule and budget integrity.

Innovations Engineering

Specialize in establishing innovation-focused departments within companies, blending technology, entrepreneurship, and creativity to develop market-ready innovations and align them with long-term business objectives.

Workflow - Process Setup

Skilled in designing tailored workflows and processes for diverse teams and departments. Expertise in selecting optimal systems and infrastructures, enhancing efficiency in engineering, operations, marketing, sales, and IT support.

Infrastructure and Architecture

Expert in building strong software architecture and scalable IT infrastructure. Skilled in vendor and tool selection, change management, and setting up core software components with best standards and practices.

Vendor Evaluation and Procurement

Specialized in IT vendor evaluation and procurement for small and medium-sized businesses, ensuring clarity in offerings, preventing vendor lock-in, and avoiding hidden costs in product usage.

Technical Roadmap

Expert in managing technical roadmaps, prioritizing tasks, and ensuring team alignment. Focused on balancing immediate needs with long-term updates and improvements for cohesive technology development and implementation.


Professional Experience

2023 – Current
GoldPath Media LLC / USA
Chief Technology Officer
GoldPath provides technology professionals with comprehensive resources for career growth. The platform offers software training, career counseling, and financial education, develops and sells digital products and services. I lead the technology strategy, overseeing the development and sale of digital products and services. I ensure the delivery of top-tier software training, career counseling, and financial education to technology professionals, while fostering an environment for career growth. My role involves driving innovation, maintaining technical excellence, and aligning technological developments with business goals.
2021 – 03.2023
Homzmart / Egypt
Chief Technology Officer
Homzmart is a One-Stop-shop platform specialized in home goods and furniture sector through visual content technologies. Established in 2020 and was recognized regionally to deliver home goods to all of Egypt and Saudi Arabia. As the CTO of Homzmart, my role encompassed managing technology deliverables, designing system architecture, integrating and maintaining third-party systems, and overseeing the hiring and retention of technical staff. I was also responsible for controlling technology costs, ensuring system security, maintaining high application availability and reliability, and developing the product and technology roadmap.
2021 – 2021
Goldenscent / Dubai
Chief Technology Officer
Golden Scent is a leading Saudi Arabia Beauty E-commerce Platform that offers international branded perfumes, cosmetics, skincare, and hair products. Established in 2014 and was recognized regionally to deliver premium brands to all of Saudi Arabia, the United Arab Emirates & Kuwait. My responsibilities included overseeing the management of technology deliverables, integrating and maintaining third-party systems, and recruiting and retaining a strong technical team. I also focused on managing technology-related costs, ensuring the availability and reliability of applications, and formulating a strategic product and technology roadmap.
2018 - 2020
Rocket Internet - AsanPardakht / Dubai - Tehran
Chief Technology Officer
In my role, I successfully managed the technology and product strategy, roadmaps, and product backlogs for a prominent IT development company. My responsibilities extended to the oversight of three physical data centers along with cloud infrastructure, all managed by a specialized team. As a leader in the technology sector, I coordinated the technological efforts of five different companies within two distinct holding groups. My expertise also involved architecting and developing software systems specifically designed to address and solve unique business needs.
2017 - 2018 / Istanbul
Chief Technology Officer
At, a Flash-sale e-commerce company, I played a pivotal role in managing the technology and product strategy, which included overseeing roadmaps and product backlogs. My responsibilities also encompassed providing leadership and vision to the IT department, ensuring streamlined operations and innovation. Additionally, I was in charge of handling the server infrastructure, ERP, and logistics integrations. Under my guidance, the team successfully delivered a robust website, as well as iOS and Android applications, enhancing the company's digital presence and customer engagement.
2016 - 2017 / Istanbul
Software Development Manager
As the Software Development Director at, a prominent Turkish travel-tech company, I led a technology team of 21, with direct responsibility for 12 members skilled in open-source technologies like PHP, Python, Java, and Elasticsearch. My role encompassed team management, product development for web and mobile platforms, and overseeing the tech-stack. I coordinated major projects, including the development of new responsive websites, a competitor analysis tool, and transitioning to Docker-based containerization. My appointment followed's acquisition by MCI Capital and İş Yatırım, marking a significant phase in the company's technological advancement.
2015 - 2016 by Metglobal / Istanbul
Chief Technology Officer
As the Chief Technology Officer at, part of the MetGlobal group, I was responsible for the technology and product aspects of this leading online travel agency. My role involved managing a diverse team of 19, including PHP and Python developers, front-end engineers, designers, and system admins, among others. My key responsibilities were team management, product development for web and mobile platforms, and overseeing the tech-stack, including various programming languages and server environments. A significant focus of my role was on integrating and optimizing for meta-search engines like Trivago and TripAdvisor, handling high-volume API calls and data analysis to ensure competitive hotel rates and improved search rankings. Under my leadership, we redesigned the website, transitioned our infrastructure from PHP to Python-Django, and developed mobile websites and apps, all while upgrading our Meta APIs to support increased request volumes.
2013 - 2014 / Istanbul
Chief Technology Officer
As the IT Director at, a leading Turkish recruitment platform, I led a 20-person team, overseeing the IT department's operations and strategy in line with the company's core objectives. My role encompassed budget administration, team leadership, and the development of annual business plans. I was responsible for negotiating service level agreements, directing major projects, formulating policies, and researching new technologies. My team included analysis, development, technical support, and project units, working primarily with an open-source stack like PHP, MySQL, and MongoDB. Additionally, I facilitated coordination between the General Manager, other departments, and IT, focusing on product and technology integration.
2007 - 2013
eBay - GittiGidiyor / Istanbul
Software Developer / Team Leader / People Manager
As the Software Development Supervisor and Project Manager at, part of eBay for about 6 years, I led a team of 7, focusing on project planning, team management, and the adoption of new technologies. My responsibilities included designing and developing scalable web applications, contributing to various high-impact projects like the payment system services, retail formats, and BackOffice applications. I thrived in a high-traffic web environment, handling 8.5 million users and 700K sales per month by 2013-Q1. My technical proficiency spanned PHP, Java, MySQL, and other technologies like Memcached, Lucene/Solr, and Hadoop. My tenure saw significant collaboration with eBay, following their full acquisition in 2011, including trips to San Francisco for alignment and regular coordination with the eBay Germany team on technology and business strategies.
2006 - 2007 / Istanbul
Senior Software Developer
During my 1.5-year tenure as a Senior Software Developer at, Turkey's leading classified website, I played a pivotal role in redeveloping the platform from scratch, a project that spanned 15 months. My technical expertise in PHP, MySQL, Linux, HTML, CSS, SVN, NetScaler, and CI tools was essential in handling the site's heavy web traffic. I contributed significantly to various parts of, aiding in its growth and maintaining its position as a top-ranked site in Turkey (Alexa global rank 422, Turkey rank 12). My experience at not only honed my development skills but also deepened my understanding of operating within high-traffic web environments.
2001 - 2006
RSN ITC / Istanbul
coFounder / Hands-on CTO
At RSN ITC, I was instrumental in developing a Real Estate Management System, which was implemented in the central office in Istanbul and across 182 offices with 600 users throughout Turkey. My role extended beyond development; I personally traveled to each office, providing comprehensive training on both the web and desktop applications. This hands-on approach ensured seamless integration and user proficiency across the company, highlighting my skills in both software development and user training in a large-scale, national operation.
2000 - 2001
RAMSNET / Istanbul
Software Developer
In my role as a Software Developer at Ramsnet, spanning approximately one year, I specialized in PHP development, primarily focusing on creating database-driven websites. This position honed my skills in backend web development, deepening my expertise in PHP and database integration, and provided valuable experience in developing functional, user-friendly web applications.
Europe & American Holding / Istanbul
Software Developer
During my year-long tenure as a Software Developer at Europe & American Holding, I specialized in PHP development, with a primary focus on creating database-driven websites. This role allowed me to deepen my expertise in PHP, enhancing my abilities in backend web development and database integration. My experience here was pivotal in refining my skills in developing efficient, robust, and user-centric web applications.

Multifaceted Tech Leader and Serial Entrepreneur

Besides being a CTO, I’ve founded three companies. My first venture was RSN ITC in 2001. There, as a co-founder, I developed the Eskidji Real Estate Management system software. This software, used by over 600 architects and engineers across 182 physical branches in Turkey, played a key role in Eskidji Real Estate’s establishment, expansion, and growth in the country. My experience in developing real estate software with distributed architecture and web/desktop applications comes from this chain management application I created for Eskidji Real Estate.

In my own company, I not only developed web and desktop software but also managed the company as a 50% shareholder, including building and leading the technology team. Later, I ventured into e-commerce with in 2014. In 2019, I started a marketplace application initially named Bamanshop, later renamed, and secured a 1M Euro investment for it. As the CEO and founder, I managed all operations and personally participated in interviews for all employees, growing to a team of 55.

During my tenure as CTO at Asanpardakht, I also coordinated CTO-level integration for payment infrastructures across Sanap Group companies (Snapp, SnapFood, SnappTrip, SnappMarket), Asanparkht, and its affiliated tourism and other companies. Simultaneously, I worked as the founder and CEO of the marketplace. Managing tasks for five different companies in a planned schedule was a typical week for me.

I’m accustomed to high-pressure work environments. I’ve worked in both corporate and startup settings in international contexts, successfully building companies from scratch, securing investments, and scaling them to substantial team sizes.

The CTO adept at sourcing and hiring fellow CTOs.

In my career, I’ve had the unique opportunity to not just work as a CTO but also to hire CTOs for different companies, including This experience has given me a deep understanding of what it takes to be a successful CTO, from technical skills to leadership qualities.

I’ve also been involved in interviewing CTO candidates for Snapp Group companies. This role expanded my perspective, allowing me to see what different companies look for in their tech leaders.

There was a time when I decided to leave Homzmart, and I played a key role in interviewing candidates who could take over my responsibilities. This process was crucial to ensure that the company continued to thrive technologically after my departure.

Now, I’m offering my expertise to others. If your company needs a full-time CTO, I can help interview and select the best candidate. With my extensive experience in both hiring and being a CTO, I bring valuable insights into what makes a great tech leader in today’s fast-paced, ever-evolving business world.

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