Orhan Doğan, Fractional CTO

I create strategies for new products, change business processes and IT, and help you use modern tech like AI, mobile apps, and cloud services better.

Business Reality Check

Every new business needs a straight-talk review: honest, no sugar-coating. I’ll carefully evaluate your business plan, pitch deck, and financials, and do my own market research. I’ll share my findings, even if it means you need to rethink your entire strategy. Before you invest your savings or start hiring, get a reality check. Unworkable financials or unrealistic hiring plans can sink a business. A second opinion is crucial to make sure you’re on a solid path before you begin.

Scaling and Professionalisation

Just secured your first big funding round? Now you face the challenge of quickly hiring a large team, setting up processes, all while keeping your company culture intact. Many startups stumble at this stage. Founders, often experts in tech or marketing, might lack experience in managing such rapid growth. That’s where I come in. I’ll bring order to this critical phase, making sure your venture stays true to its philosophy and vision. With my help, you can navigate these complex changes smoothly, ensuring your startup’s core values and goals remain the focus.

MVP Development

Hiring a full engineering team right away isn’t always possible or necessary. Sometimes, it’s smarter to have an external team develop a Minimum Viable Product (MVP) to gather early user feedback. This method buys you more time to focus on achieving product-market fit. I’ll help decide if your prototype should be a foundational MVP for future development or just an initial, disposable model. Then, I’ll guide you through the steps to get your product ready for launch, ensuring a strategic and efficient approach to bringing your idea to life.

Initial Setup

Starting as a first-time entrepreneur brings many challenges and a long to-do list. I’ll guide you in quickly setting up your company, handling legal paperwork, establishing basic HR and an ESOP, and recruiting your team with efficient onboarding. Together, we’ll establish your workflows and choose a tech stack to get your operations up and running swiftly. You can focus on your core idea and product development, while I handle the complexities of setting up and organizing your business. This approach saves time and lets you concentrate on what you do best - bringing your innovative ideas to life.

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