Orhan Doğan, Fractional CTO

If your engineering team is struggling with ongoing issues or can’t solve a performance problem, I’m here to help. Need a prototype quickly or a plan for a new app? As an engineer, I love tackling such challenges. For bigger tasks, I can quickly put together a team of skilled experts.

Prototype Development

Fast-paced startup scene or corporate pilot projects, developing a fully functional prototype quickly and at a low cost is crucial. Whether it’s about building a base for future project development (MVP) or creating a disposable prototype for initial feedback, I can efficiently handle it. This approach allows startups to test their products with real users, making significant strides in achieving product-market fit without immediately investing in a full-scale engineering team. My role involves defining the prototype’s scope, ensuring that it aligns with your strategic objectives, and fast-tracking the development process. With a focus on agility and efficiency, I help bring your ideas to life, providing you with a tangible product that can attract early feedback and investment, and setting a solid foundation for further development.

Requirements Engineering

Navigating the complexities of translating user stories into actionable engineering requirements is a critical aspect of software development, often underestimated in its impact. My approach ensures that these requirements are not just technically sound but also align with your broader business objectives. This involves a meticulous process where every aspect of the project is scrutinized to avoid costly architectural missteps, which can be detrimental in the long run. I take the lead in orchestrating this phase, working closely with both business stakeholders and the engineering team. By bridging the gap between these two critical areas, I ensure that the development work proceeds on a solid foundation, minimizing the risk of future reworks and ensuring that the end product truly resonates with the intended market and business goals.

Software Architecture

The architecture of software is more than just a technical roadmap; it’s the backbone that aligns your product’s functionality with your business strategy. My role begins with an in-depth analysis of both functional and non-functional requirements, ensuring that every aspect of your software’s architecture is tailor-made to fit these criteria. This process involves not just a thorough understanding of the current tech landscape but also a foresightedness to accommodate future growth and changes. In designing the software architecture, I prioritize scalability, flexibility, and efficiency. This means making technology decisions that are robust and forward-thinking, avoiding the pitfalls of developer biases, and ensuring that the architecture supports not only the current needs but also the evolving demands of your business.

Software Development

Providing a comprehensive software development service means more than just writing code. It involves bringing together a cohesive team of designers, product managers, QA engineers, and developers to create a product that meets your exact specifications. As your CTO, I don’t just supervise; I actively engage in the process, ensuring that every stage of development aligns with your strategic goals and adheres to the highest standards of quality. This role extends to being your primary point of contact, where I manage communications, expectations, and project milestones. My commitment is to deliver a product that not only meets the set deadlines but also exceeds your quality expectations, navigating through the common challenges and hurdles of software development with expertise and foresight.


Refactoring legacy systems is a critical, yet often challenging task for many businesses. My approach to refactoring is comprehensive, involving not just the upgrade of technology but also ensuring that these changes align with your business’s long-term goals. Working collaboratively with your team, I develop a strategic roadmap for refactoring, which includes practical guidelines and hands-on assistance in updating key software components. This process is about balancing the need for modernization with the realities of your current systems. Whether it’s a complete overhaul or selective updates, the focus is on enhancing performance, scalability, and maintainability, ensuring that your software remains competitive and efficient in an ever-evolving digital landscape.

Problem Solving and Bugfixing

Tackling software bugs and resolving persistent issues often requires an external perspective, especially when in-house teams are too close to the project. My approach to problem-solving in software applications combines deep technical expertise with a fresh perspective. Utilizing a range of monitoring and investigative tools, I delve into the root causes of issues, addressing not just the symptoms but the underlying factors that impact the scalability, security, and future growth of your software. This process is collaborative and thorough, ensuring that any fixes are comprehensive and sustainable. By resolving these critical issues, I help enhance the overall resilience and reliability of your software, contributing to a smoother, more efficient operational flow.

Bridging Bottlenecks

Addressing staffing shortages or urgent project needs in your tech team doesn’t always have to lead to a lengthy and costly hiring process. My ability to quickly adapt and integrate into existing projects allows me to fill these gaps efficiently. As a seasoned professional, I’m able to ramp up rapidly, assimilating into the team and contributing at a high level from the outset. This flexibility is particularly valuable in times of critical need or when specific expertise is required on a temporary basis. It ensures that your projects continue to move forward without delay, maintaining the momentum and quality of work, and providing a reliable solution to bridge any gaps in your team’s capacity or skill set.

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