Technology and Management Consulting

Orhan Doğan, Fractional CTO

I create strategies for new products, change business processes and IT, and help you use modern tech like AI, mobile apps, and cloud services better.

Strategy Development

I love creating business models and strategies, combining my tech know-how with business savvy. This mix lets me craft innovative strategies for your current operations or new projects. As an attentive observer, I’ll spot and fix issues in your plans using practical knowledge. While my focus is on digital strategy, I’m also keen to help with your non-digital projects. My goal is to bring fresh, effective ideas to all areas of your business.

Outsourcing and Nearshoring

As a C-level executive in the software engineering field, you likely receive many offers to partner with outsourcing agencies or set up custom development teams. However, it’s not as straightforward as it seems. Managing quality and projects can be tough without control over your team. With experience in helping businesses outsource or nearshore their teams, I understand these challenges well. I can guide you through the complexities of building and managing an external team, ensuring quality and effective project management throughout the process.

Recruiting and Employer Branding

Finding and hiring IT pros, especially software engineers, is tough for startups and growing companies. The shortage of skilled workers makes wages high and hiring hard. I’ve hired many engineers and created a unique way to evaluate tech roles. I can show you the best ways to succeed in this tough job market. With my help, you can effectively recruit and bring on board your tech team, letting you concentrate on your main business activities.

Remote Workforce Management

Working with remote teams for nearly a decade, I’ve learned they bring unique challenges and need a different management style compared to traditional settings. It’s crucial to build a work culture that motivates and supports, focusing on team interaction. Together, we can make sure your remote team performs well, balancing productivity with job satisfaction to keep staff turnover low. This approach is key to managing remote teams successfully.

Digital Transformation

Digital transformation begins with a thorough review of your company and strategy. This process is more than just a goal in itself; it’s about gaining a clear edge over competitors, cutting costs, and fostering agile growth. I’m here to help you rethink your business with a digital-first mindset and create a practical plan for transformation. This approach is all about adapting your business to thrive in the digital era.

Cloud Transformation

If you’re planning to migrate your application or entire business to the cloud, I’m here to guide you through every step. Starting with an initial cost analysis, I’ll assist in selecting the right cloud vendors and conduct a thorough analysis of your software, identifying necessary updates for a smooth transition. In our discussions, we’ll explore topics like vendor lock-in and scalability, clarifying the migration paths to provide a clear understanding of the process. My experience spans both cloud-native and cloud-enabled setups, and I’m supported by a network of trusted partners who can efficiently manage your cloud environment.

Data & Analytics

Data is crucial in today’s world, but building a data warehouse and mastering business intelligence doesn’t have to be costly or complex. I can guide you in identifying your data sources, key performance indicators (KPIs), metrics, and reports, while setting up a technology stack that’s both user-friendly and expandable.

Cyber & Digital Risk

Cybersecurity is crucial for every company, but often the risk assessments are too theoretical and not very practical. Doing a lot of surveys or self-assessments might not show the real risks to your business. For startups, usual frameworks don’t always fit, and cyber insurance can be costly. With my experience, I can identify the actual threats to your venture. I’ll help you create a realistic action plan that addresses these risks effectively. This way, you’re prepared and protected without getting bogged down in impractical measures.

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