Audits and Code Reviews

Orhan Doğan, Fractional CTO

In mergers, acquisitions, or key strategic decisions, I offer detailed technology and software quality audits. These in-depth reviews provide insights into your tech setup and software performance. They can also evaluate your engineering team’s work and guide you in updating old software systems.

Architecture and Tech Stack Analysis

Every technology stack comes with its own pros and cons, and not all are suited for every project. Engineers often favor technologies they’re familiar with, which can lead to biases. By auditing your architecture and tech stack, I provide a clear picture of where your application stands and advise on strategies for future operation and development. This audit helps identify the right technologies for your needs, considering their lifecycle and compatibility with your goals.

Quality Review

The true quality of software goes beyond its user interface or documentation. It requires a deep understanding of the technologies, databases, and codebase involved. Traditional consulting audits usually focus on licensing, industry standards, and workflow KPIs, but as an experienced engineer, I offer detailed audits that dive into the code quality and software architecture. My approach gives a complete picture of your software’s quality, covering all application layers.

Performance Check

In today’s digital landscape, slow web and mobile applications can significantly affect user satisfaction and SEO rankings. I conduct thorough performance checks against industry benchmarks, identifying issues and providing sustainable solutions. This process is crucial for maintaining a competitive edge, as poor performance can lead to negative reviews and lower user engagement.

Scalability Assessment

An application that works for a thousand users might struggle with millions. Prior to ramping up marketing efforts or preparing for high-traffic events, assessing scalability is crucial. Failing to manage peak loads can lead to security risks. I’ll conduct load testing, offer real results, and combine them with strategic recommendations, ensuring your application can handle growth without compromising security or performance.

Security Audit

With the rise in cyber threats, security has become a necessity for digital businesses and IT-heavy companies. My audits at the code level can uncover active vulnerabilities and potential issues in future development stages. While I don’t conduct penetration tests or ethical hacking, I can incorporate these services through my network of security professionals, ensuring comprehensive protection for your digital assets.

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