Who is Orhan Dogan?

Hello World! I’m the tech wizard behind the curtain, the Chief Technology Officer (CTO) with over a decade of weaving digital spells. I’ve conjured up software marvels in every realm you can think of - Fintech, e-Commerce, the bustling crossroads of Hotel, Flight & Tourism tech, the intricate labyrinths of HR, Real Estate, and the ever-evolving Media sector. My tech alchemy played a pivotal role in the staggering 217.5M$ GittiGidiyor deal with eBay, pumped 23M$ into Homzmart’s veins, and magically materialized a cool 1M Euro for my own startup venture.

I’ve led brigades of tech warriors, from squads of 7 to armies over 200 strong, across the global digital battlefield. My mission? To turn ambitious projects into reality, leaving a trail of success stories and awe-struck clients in my wake.

My arsenal? Oh, it’s vast and mighty - PHP, Python, Java, C#, GoLang, Flutter, you name it. From the depths of MySQL and NoSQL to the heights of AWS and the intricacies of ChatGPT and AI, I’ve mastered them all. Agile? Scrum? Child’s play. I’m the tech maestro who turns chaos into code, ideas into innovations, and coffee into code.

Orhan Doğan, CTO

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I am fluent in reading and writing code in C, PHP, Java, JavaScript, Node.js, Python, and Go. With a bit of time to adapt, I’m capable of learning and proficiently coding in any programming language.


I specialize in Laravel and Lumen, coupled with React (Redux) and Vue.js for front-end. Earlier, I also gained experience in ZendFramework, Django, Angular, and React Native for mobile.

Cloud & Datacenters

I’m skilled in cloud (AWS, Ali Cloud, Google Cloud) and non-cloud environments, managing Hetzner servers since 2006, and experienced in applications, VPNs, and Dockerization.

DevOps - MLOps

Experienced in CI/CD pipelines using Bitbucket and GitLab, including cloud-native solutions. Skilled in Machine Learning operations with Kubeflow and familiar with Git Actions.


Skilled in SQL databases like MySQL and PostgreSQL, along with in-memory databases such as Redis and Memcached, and others including MongoDB and Neo4j.


Experienced with various message brokers, queue systems, and search platforms, including RabbitMQ, SQS, Kafka, Lucene, Sphinxsearch, Elastic, load balancers, and Lambda.

E-Commerse & CMS

Active in e-commerce development since 2006, I began with native languages and added Magento, Shopify, WordPress, Joomla, Drupal, and led a proprietary CMS’s development.

Machine Learning - AI

Proficient in full-stack Machine Learning and AI, encompassing data engineering and model development using Tensorflow and Python, with a focus on creating robust and efficient solutions


Specialized in Nginx and Centos for server management, I now focus on Docker containerization and AWS Serverless Functions, while personally managing servers on Hetzner and DigitalOcean.


Proficient in CSS/SASS, HTML, and familiar with frameworks like Bootstrap and Foundation, complemented by experience with popular stacks like React and Vue.js.

Big Data

Experienced in AWS-based data pipelines and custom solutions, also skilled with Google Cloud’s BigQuery, Dataproc, Pub/Sub, Data Studio for Data Warehouses, BI dashboards, and ETL Pipelines.


Focused on developing REST and GraphQL APIs, often within a Microservices architecture and utilizing API Gateways, while also knowledgeable in traditional methods write here


Market Research

Analyzing Trends. Utilizing tools like Google Analytics and SEMrush to understand market needs and identify opportunities for innovation and differentiation.

Idea Generation

Creative Brainstorming. Employing Mindmapping tools like MindMeister and collaborative platforms like Miro for generating and refining product ideas.

Concept Development

Designing Blueprints. Using Figma and Balsamiq for initial design mockups, focusing on user experience and feasibility.

Prototype & MVP

Building Test Models. Creating Minimum Viable Products (MVPs) with tools like Sketch and InVision to test core functionalities and gather early feedback.

User Testing & Feedback

Gathering Insights. Conducting focus groups and using platforms like UsabilityHub to collect user feedback, refining the product based on real-world usage.

Go-to-Market Strategy

Launching Successfully. Developing comprehensive market entry strategies, leveraging Atlassian tools for project management and coordination across teams.

Market Positioning

Strategically analyzing the market using Ahrefs and SEMrush, focusing on creating a unique brand identity and securing a competitive market position.

Customer Engagement

Enhancing customer relationships through CRM platforms like Salesforce and HubSpot, gathering insights to inform product improvements and boost user satisfaction.

Product Lifecycle Management

Managing the product’s entire lifecycle with PLM tools like Arena or Upchain, ensuring it consistently aligns with evolving market needs and customer expectations.

C-Level ::: Chief Technology Officer

Recruiting and Hiring

Expert in tech team recruitment, adept at finding and evaluating talent cost-effectively. Developed a unique skill verification method to ensure the right hires and avoid costly recruitment errors.

Technical Strategy

Skilled in guiding businesses through modern challenges, focusing on youth engagement, ethical tech use, and adaptability. My strategies enhance business models, ensuring technology integration and future readiness.

Technology Research

Specialized in selecting the right technology for businesses, I meticulously evaluate tech options, consult experts, and consider long-term viability to prevent future obsolescence and support issues.

Project Management

Expert in managing large-scale projects with substantial budgets, employing both traditional and modern methodologies. Prioritize clear communication, transparent planning, and contingency strategies to maintain schedule and budget integrity.

Innovations Engineering

Specialize in establishing innovation-focused departments within companies, blending technology, entrepreneurship, and creativity to develop market-ready innovations and align them with long-term business objectives.

Workflow - Process Setup

Skilled in designing tailored workflows and processes for diverse teams and departments. Expertise in selecting optimal systems and infrastructures, enhancing efficiency in engineering, operations, marketing, sales, and IT support.

Infrastructure and Architecture

Expert in building strong software architecture and scalable IT infrastructure. Skilled in vendor and tool selection, change management, and setting up core software components with best standards and practices.

Vendor Evaluation and Procurement

Specialized in IT vendor evaluation and procurement for small and medium-sized businesses, ensuring clarity in offerings, preventing vendor lock-in, and avoiding hidden costs in product usage.

Technical Roadmap

Expert in managing technical roadmaps, prioritizing tasks, and ensuring team alignment. Focused on balancing immediate needs with long-term updates and improvements for cohesive technology development and implementation.



Professional Experience

2023 – Current
GoldPath Media LLC / USA
Chief Technology Officer
GoldPath provides technology professionals with comprehensive resources for career growth. The platform offers software training, career counseling, and financial education, develops and sells digital products and services. I lead the technology strategy, overseeing the development and sale of digital products and services. I ensure the delivery of top-tier software training, career counseling, and financial education to technology professionals, while fostering an environment for career growth. My role involves driving innovation, maintaining technical excellence, and aligning technological developments with business goals.
2021 – 03.2023
Homzmart / Egypt
Chief Technology Officer
Homzmart is a One-Stop-shop platform specialized in home goods and furniture sector through visual content technologies. Established in 2020 and was recognized regionally to deliver home goods to all of Egypt and Saudi Arabia. As the CTO of Homzmart, my role encompassed managing technology deliverables, designing system architecture, integrating and maintaining third-party systems, and overseeing the hiring and retention of technical staff. I was also responsible for controlling technology costs, ensuring system security, maintaining high application availability and reliability, and developing the product and technology roadmap.
2021 – 2021
Goldenscent / Dubai
Chief Technology Officer
Golden Scent is a leading Saudi Arabia Beauty E-commerce Platform that offers international branded perfumes, cosmetics, skincare, and hair products. Established in 2014 and was recognized regionally to deliver premium brands to all of Saudi Arabia, the United Arab Emirates & Kuwait. My responsibilities included overseeing the management of technology deliverables, integrating and maintaining third-party systems, and recruiting and retaining a strong technical team. I also focused on managing technology-related costs, ensuring the availability and reliability of applications, and formulating a strategic product and technology roadmap.
2018 - 2020
Rocket Internet - AsanPardakht / Dubai - Tehran
Chief Technology Officer
In my role, I successfully managed the technology and product strategy, roadmaps, and product backlogs for a prominent IT development company. My responsibilities extended to the oversight of three physical data centers along with cloud infrastructure, all managed by a specialized team. As a leader in the technology sector, I coordinated the technological efforts of five different companies within two distinct holding groups. My expertise also involved architecting and developing software systems specifically designed to address and solve unique business needs.
2017 - 2018
1V1Y.com / Istanbul
Chief Technology Officer
At 1v1y.com, a Flash-sale e-commerce company, I played a pivotal role in managing the technology and product strategy, which included overseeing roadmaps and product backlogs. My responsibilities also encompassed providing leadership and vision to the IT department, ensuring streamlined operations and innovation. Additionally, I was in charge of handling the server infrastructure, ERP, and logistics integrations. Under my guidance, the team successfully delivered a robust website, as well as iOS and Android applications, enhancing the company's digital presence and customer engagement.
2016 - 2017
Tatilbudur.com / Istanbul
Software Development Manager
As the Software Development Director at Tatilbudur.com, a prominent Turkish travel-tech company, I led a technology team of 21, with direct responsibility for 12 members skilled in open-source technologies like PHP, Python, Java, and Elasticsearch. My role encompassed team management, product development for web and mobile platforms, and overseeing the tech-stack. I coordinated major projects, including the development of new responsive websites, a competitor analysis tool, and transitioning to Docker-based containerization. My appointment followed Tatilbudur.com's acquisition by MCI Capital and İş Yatırım, marking a significant phase in the company's technological advancement.
2015 - 2016
Otel.com by Metglobal / Istanbul
Chief Technology Officer
As the Chief Technology Officer at Otel.com, part of the MetGlobal group, I was responsible for the technology and product aspects of this leading online travel agency. My role involved managing a diverse team of 19, including PHP and Python developers, front-end engineers, designers, and system admins, among others. My key responsibilities were team management, product development for web and mobile platforms, and overseeing the tech-stack, including various programming languages and server environments. A significant focus of my role was on integrating and optimizing for meta-search engines like Trivago and TripAdvisor, handling high-volume API calls and data analysis to ensure competitive hotel rates and improved search rankings. Under my leadership, we redesigned the website, transitioned our infrastructure from PHP to Python-Django, and developed mobile websites and apps, all while upgrading our Meta APIs to support increased request volumes.
2013 - 2014
SecretCV.com / Istanbul
Chief Technology Officer
As the IT Director at Secretcv.com, a leading Turkish recruitment platform, I led a 20-person team, overseeing the IT department's operations and strategy in line with the company's core objectives. My role encompassed budget administration, team leadership, and the development of annual business plans. I was responsible for negotiating service level agreements, directing major projects, formulating policies, and researching new technologies. My team included analysis, development, technical support, and project units, working primarily with an open-source stack like PHP, MySQL, and MongoDB. Additionally, I facilitated coordination between the General Manager, other departments, and IT, focusing on product and technology integration.
2007 - 2013
eBay - GittiGidiyor / Istanbul
Software Developer / Team Leader / People Manager
As the Software Development Supervisor and Project Manager at GittiGidiyor.com, part of eBay for about 6 years, I led a team of 7, focusing on project planning, team management, and the adoption of new technologies. My responsibilities included designing and developing scalable web applications, contributing to various high-impact projects like the payment system services, retail formats, and BackOffice applications. I thrived in a high-traffic web environment, handling 8.5 million users and 700K sales per month by 2013-Q1. My technical proficiency spanned PHP, Java, MySQL, and other technologies like Memcached, Lucene/Solr, and Hadoop. My tenure saw significant collaboration with eBay, following their full acquisition in 2011, including trips to San Francisco for alignment and regular coordination with the eBay Germany team on technology and business strategies.
2006 - 2007
Sahibinden.com / Istanbul
Senior Software Developer
During my 1.5-year tenure as a Senior Software Developer at Sahibinden.com, Turkey's leading classified website, I played a pivotal role in redeveloping the platform from scratch, a project that spanned 15 months. My technical expertise in PHP, MySQL, Linux, HTML, CSS, SVN, NetScaler, and CI tools was essential in handling the site's heavy web traffic. I contributed significantly to various parts of Sahibinden.com, aiding in its growth and maintaining its position as a top-ranked site in Turkey (Alexa global rank 422, Turkey rank 12). My experience at Sahibinden.com not only honed my development skills but also deepened my understanding of operating within high-traffic web environments.
2001 - 2006
RSN ITC / Istanbul
coFounder / Hands-on CTO
At RSN ITC, I was instrumental in developing a Real Estate Management System, which was implemented in the central office in Istanbul and across 182 offices with 600 users throughout Turkey. My role extended beyond development; I personally traveled to each office, providing comprehensive training on both the web and desktop applications. This hands-on approach ensured seamless integration and user proficiency across the company, highlighting my skills in both software development and user training in a large-scale, national operation.
2000 - 2001
RAMSNET / Istanbul
Software Developer
In my role as a Software Developer at Ramsnet, spanning approximately one year, I specialized in PHP development, primarily focusing on creating database-driven websites. This position honed my skills in backend web development, deepening my expertise in PHP and database integration, and provided valuable experience in developing functional, user-friendly web applications.
Europe & American Holding / Istanbul
Software Developer
During my year-long tenure as a Software Developer at Europe & American Holding, I specialized in PHP development, with a primary focus on creating database-driven websites. This role allowed me to deepen my expertise in PHP, enhancing my abilities in backend web development and database integration. My experience here was pivotal in refining my skills in developing efficient, robust, and user-centric web applications.

Multifaceted Tech Leader and Serial Entrepreneur

Besides being a CTO, I’ve founded three companies. My first venture was RSN ITC in 2001. There, as a co-founder, I developed the Eskidji Real Estate Management system software. This software, used by over 600 architects and engineers across 182 physical branches in Turkey, played a key role in Eskidji Real Estate’s establishment, expansion, and growth in the country. My experience in developing real estate software with distributed architecture and web/desktop applications comes from this chain management application I created for Eskidji Real Estate.

In my own company, I not only developed web and desktop software but also managed the company as a 50% shareholder, including building and leading the technology team. Later, I ventured into e-commerce with Foyow.com in 2014. In 2019, I started a marketplace application initially named Bamanshop, later renamed Bazlia.com, and secured a 1M Euro investment for it. As the CEO and founder, I managed all operations and personally participated in interviews for all employees, growing Bazlia.com to a team of 55.

During my tenure as CTO at Asanpardakht, I also coordinated CTO-level integration for payment infrastructures across Sanap Group companies (Snapp, SnapFood, SnappTrip, SnappMarket), Asanparkht, and its affiliated tourism and other companies. Simultaneously, I worked as the founder and CEO of the Bazlia.com marketplace. Managing tasks for five different companies in a planned schedule was a typical week for me.

I’m accustomed to high-pressure work environments. I’ve worked in both corporate and startup settings in international contexts, successfully building companies from scratch, securing investments, and scaling them to substantial team sizes.

The CTO adept at sourcing and hiring fellow CTOs.

In my career, I’ve had the unique opportunity to not just work as a CTO but also to hire CTOs for different companies, including Bazlia.com. This experience has given me a deep understanding of what it takes to be a successful CTO, from technical skills to leadership qualities.

I’ve also been involved in interviewing CTO candidates for Snapp Group companies. This role expanded my perspective, allowing me to see what different companies look for in their tech leaders.

There was a time when I decided to leave Homzmart, and I played a key role in interviewing candidates who could take over my responsibilities. This process was crucial to ensure that the company continued to thrive technologically after my departure.

Now, I’m offering my expertise to others. If your company needs a full-time CTO, I can help interview and select the best candidate. With my extensive experience in both hiring and being a CTO, I bring valuable insights into what makes a great tech leader in today’s fast-paced, ever-evolving business world.

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